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Dr. Kruger's Ultimate Supplement
The One-Step Supplement thatÖ

...Has It All
Enzymes to ensure optimal nutrition. (Okay, we admit it. Our formula contains significant amounts of ProzymeTM, the finest enzymes available anywhere.)
Probiotics to maintain a healthy, well-functioning digestive tract.
The complete spectrum of vitamins and minerals, including trace minerals.
All natural ingredients.

...Does It All

Strengthens immune system.
Improves digestion & absorption of nutrients.
Helps prevent Toxic Gut Syndrome & Bloat Torsion Complex.
Promotes healthy skin, lustrous coat & robust constitution.
Enhances overall fitness, endurance & vitality.
Improves appetite of finicky eaters. (Dogs love the taste!)
Helps overweight dogs lose weight!

...Saves You Money

Itís the only supplement you need. Throw the rest away!
Reduces unnecessary visits to the vet.
Superior nutritional support means dogs eat up to 25% less of costly dog food
Highly concentrated formula: A little bit goes a long way

Donít take our word for it.
Your dogís improved energy and health will convince you that Dr. Krugerís Ultimate Supplement really works. Order a bottle of our Original Formula and give it a try. Our quality products are covered by a full Money-Back Guarantee. You have nothing to lose, and your dog has vibrant, good health to gain!

Natural Ingredients! Money-Back Guarantee!
Add Dr. Krugerís Ultimate Supplement to your dogís food for 90 days. If you do not see a dramatic improvement in your pet, simply return the bottle to the PHI for a complete refund.

Dr. Krugerís Ultimate Supplement is Available in Four Formulations

Original Formula
Pregnancy & Puppy Formula with Desiccated Liver
Show Dog Formula with Flaxseed & Biotin
Anti-Inflammatory Formula with Devilís Claw, Yucca, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Dandelion, and Kelp

One level teaspoon of Dr. Kruger's Ultimate Supplement - Original Formula - added to each cup of your dog's food does it all! (For Special Formulations, dosage is one heaping teaspoon per cup of food.)

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