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OFA GS-50703G24M-T GS-EL7726-T

2003 GSDC of America National Specialty

Best Overall Veteran

"Desmo" started his career winning his first major from the 6 to 9 month puppy class on his first weekend shown at an AKC show under Specialty Judge Cappy Pottle's first judging assignment.  What a thrill it was to have him retire at the 2003 National winning 1st 7 to 9 year Veteran and then Best Overall Veteran under Cappy Pottle.          Thank you Cappy


GSDC of Reno
 Judge Helen Franklin
 Best of Breed

 "Correct, balanced, type, and sidegait—the whole package.

This dog defines our Standard.

He is masculine, has beautiful black and tan pigment, iron back, good temperament and ideal proportions. He is not overdone on either end, and should be on the cover of a book illustrating

the ideal German Shepherd Dog."

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