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BOF BOM Ch. Kansten's Ducati HT PT TC

OFA GS50703G24M-T EL7726-T

Leiter's Firecracker


 OFA GS-28848G28M EL829


Ch. Leiter's Excaliber ROM OFA GS-22907G42M

Proven Hill's Justin

OFA GS-18760G37M

Sel. Ch. Proven Hill's Up N' Adam ROM

Proven Hill's Jillian

Weicho's Casino

 OFA GS-17639

Witmer's Executive

OFA GS-13755

Weidor's Isotta ROM

OFA GS-12029

Weicho's Tokyo v Leiter

 OFA GS-22014G26F

Ch. Rohan's Reaction ROM OFA GS-16844 H & E

Sel. Ch. Stuttgart's Sundance Kid ROM OFA GS-11841-T

Rohan's Twilight Magic

Weidor's Isotta ROM

 OFA GS-12029

Covy-Tucker Hill's Bentley OFA GS-9795

Dolmar's Kirstin

OFA GS-8594

Kansten's Mahogany ROM

OFA GS-33650G24F EL2017

Sel. Ch. Maverick of Bob-Lyn ROM

Ch. Nike Clayfield Lone Star ROM

OFA GS-21780G33M

Sel. Ch. Proven Hill's Up N' Adam ROM

Clayfield Smithfield Jordon ROM OFA GS-14278

Ch. Hi Lite of Bob-Lyn ROM

Sel. Ch. Woodacre's Dakota ROM OFA GS-12757-T


FV Ch. Ginger Ale of Bob-Lyn ROM

Kansten's JVC of Asgard OFA GS-27043G24F EL426


AOE Sel.  Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Romantico HT TC ROM OFA GS-19234


Ch. Heart Breaker of Bob-Lyn ROM

Covy-Tucker Hill's Sinderella ROM OFA GS-19352

Ch. Woodacre's Ciji

of Asgard

OFA GS-16361 H & E


Sel. Ch. Woodacre's Dakota ROM

OFA GS-12757-T


Ch. Woodacre's Annie Oakley ROM


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