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Ch. Woodacre's Ciji of Asgard

Ch. Kansten's Mt. Hough

Kansten's JVC of Asgard

Sel. Ch. Kansten's Fisher of Asgard

Kansten's Mahogany

Kansten's Jim Dandy,

Ch. Kansten's Ducati,

Ch. Kansten's Britten,

Kansten's Ariel, Kansten's Europeana, Kansten's Carefree Wonder, Kansten's Simplicity, Kansten's Sexy Rexy

Paladin-Kansten D'Arcy v Schatten

Schatten Beaulieu v Kansten

Kansten's Kendall Jackson

Makintrax Amstel Light x Witmer's Jamiroquai Litter


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